ta-ta for now!

May 17, 2010

Don’t consider this a break-up. I just need a break in order to throw myself into summer and really enjoy the things I have planned. We’ll totally do the friends-with-benefits deal, meaning I’ll still be reading and commenting, but for now Rustique needs to go Mystique. My old posts are going into hibernation and the camera and Macbook are being put away. I just gots to live in the moment.

I’m going to miss tending to this blog because I’m just the teensiest bit self-involved, but what I’ll miss most of all is my report with you guys. Stay in touch. Check in. I know I will.

And most of all–I wish you all happy, healthy summers from morning until 4 AM. Spend 4 AM-11 AM sleeping. Get up and do it again.

Peace and love, peaches!

(Or pears. Royal Riviera pears quickly fashioned into oatmeal, making this, perhaps, my most expensive bowl of oats aside from the time I topped 5 grain hot cereal with gold shavings, pirate dubloons, and beluga caviar.)

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever put in oatmeal/yogurt/rice/whatever?